My name is Emily Ferguson, and I was elected President of the Students’ Association last month. This will be my first column in the Algonquin Times, and I am looking forward to continuing this tradition!

I am in the business administration program and plan to pursue a career in project management. I wanted to be on the Board of Directors because I love the Algonquin College community, and I wanted to help ensure that students’ needs were met.

Already this year, we have experienced setbacks and unique challenges that can make this year trying. It didn’t take long to realize something about the students I have been talking to. Algonquin College students are resilient. It is something I’ve said before, and something I will continue to say. Challenge after challenge, we persist.

The community on our three campuses is strong, and we look out for one another. I know many students are questioning if they should take a gap year, or a break between years of study. I will be in a program that will be entirely online in the fall semester, so I understand the hesitation many of you may be experiencing. I encourage you to continue your studies, even if it is online. There is support available to help us finish strong.

The SA Board of Directors is also always available, even if it is remotely. I committed to having an open door. I am still available to my peers. I love to learn new things, new cultures, and hear new opinions. I will help you however I can and find support where we need it. I am lucky to have a connection to the college executives. It’s part of my job to make sure each student is represented in that connection.

I am thankful that summer is finally here so I can get outside. I always make sure mental health is a priority, and it is important to me that you’re all feeling well and staying safe. We’ve all learned new ways to be social during the last few months, and it’s looking like that creativity may continue.

The last thing I’ll recommend is exploring the SA’s health services page on our website. There are many excellent links, including Therapy Assist Online (TAO), that is great for mental health education!

I hope you all have a great summer, and I look forward to seeing you all back on campus soon.

All the best,

Emily Ferguson,

President, Algonquin Students’ Association