The SA board connects with students on Algonquin's three campuses to understand what is important to them and the factors impacting their success.

My name is Bolu Olutunda, I’m a second-year public relations student, and I am honoured to serve as the Algonquin Students’ Association President.

Five other students join me on the Board of Directors. Together, we work for our membership – full-time Algonquin College students. We connect with students in Ottawa, Pembroke, and Perth to understand what is important to them and the factors impacting their success.

We take those concerns to our committees within the college and regularly communicate them to the college executive team. Each year, the Board collects feedback from students. This feedback forms goals for our term in office.

This year, we are working to increase support for international students, increase quality housing options in Pembroke and Perth, enhance the knowledge of mental health services to students, improve the academic calendar from the students’ perspective, reinvigorate student life, expand the mandate of the class representative system, and extend the benefits of the U-Pass. You can find out more about each priority at

I’m happy to share why increased support for international students is at the top of our list.

The SA is committed to diversity and inclusion on our campuses. We know that international students enrich our community and the student experience in many ways. We also know that there are needs specific to international students demanding our attention and action.

How we support and care for international students is crucial to the success of students and Algonquin College. I look forward to many conversations with students and the leadership at Algonquin College – and to the changes that come when we listen to students.