Local (From CBC News)

City manager Steve Kanellakos threw the Rideau Transit Group under the bus.

Steve Kanellakos blamed the problems for the Confederation Line squarely on builder Rideau Transit Group (RTG).

The remarks came before the senior OC Transpo staff began a nearly two-hour display demonstration detailing issues regarding the transit system.

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Provincial (CBC)

Premier Doug Ford will try to ease Ontarians with a new budget update.

Finance Minister Rod Phillips announced a lower deficit for the 2019-2020 year than the $10.3 billion shortfalls projected in the spring budget.

This year’s version will not be full of cuts according to a senior government official who told CBC News.

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National (CTV News)

Alberta is ending programs for firefighters rappelling from helicopters.

Forestry Minister Devin Dreeshen says the province to place firefighters on other crews if they want to next summer.

Around 65 people were in the rappel program, which requires members to weigh no more than 180 pounds.

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International (BBC News)

President Trump’s impeachment hearings are going to be available to the public next week.

The three state department officials will be the first to testify.

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Entertainment (CTV)

French actress Catherine Deneuve has been hospitalized with a stroke.

The 76-year-old suffered a very limited stroke but according to a family statement needs some time to rest.

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