According to the Ottawa Citizen, David Thyne, an eyewitness who identified Const. Daniel Montsion in court as the police officer who was allegedly involved in violence that caused one death, was called into question by the defence lawyer for providing information that does not match the fact.

What Thyne said about how the brutality came to happen was found inconsistent under a cross-examination from defence lawyer Solomon Friedman, who noted that the Special Investigations Unit has asked Thyne at least 10 times whether he was sure about seeing police beating a handcuffed man.


According to Global News, former cabinet minister Jane Philpott said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has violated a set of amendments that are supposed to keep MPs from being kicked out of the caucus without a vote.

Philpott is asking Geoff Regan, Speaker of the House of Commons, to examine Trudeau’s decision to bar her and Jody Wilson-Raybould from the Liberal caucus to see whether her and Wilson-Raybould’s privileges were violated.


According to the National Post, right-wing political parties from four different European countries, including Italy, Germany, Denmark and Finland, have founded an alliance that seeks to become the strongest group in the European Parliament.

Their goals are to change the European Union’s policies on migration, security, family and environment.

The right-wing politicians called for the stop of illegal migration, tougher border control and protection for what they called “European culture.”