From the Ottawa Citizen: Within the span of four days, there have been at least 10 incidents reported of “distracted thefts” around grocery shopping centers. The police are urging customers to be alert, as “the grifters” are targeting not just the senior population. These incidents have allegedly occurred between the hours of noon to mid-afternoon. Police are urging people to contact the police if they know more information.

From CBC: Nathan Cullen, MP for the NDP decided that he would not be running again for MP in the forthcoming election. He believes that someone else is capable of being responsible for the “great region”. Cullen had first been elected in 2004 for the liaison and democratic reform in British Columbia. He sincerely wishes his NDP colleagues the “very best” for their election.

From CNN: Katherine Helmond, who was the star of many television shows such as Who’s The Boss as well as Soap, has passed away at the age of 89. She had died on Saturday in her home in Los Angeles of Alzheimer complications. She received two Golden Globes and had been nominated for several Emmy Awards as well.