According to CBC News, a hole opened up and nearly swallowed a parked truck on April 10 after a vehicle hit a fire hydrant at the intersection of Jeanne d’Arc and Hunter’s Run Drive.

The pooling water from the hydrant created a large hole that began to swallow the nearby truck before it was towed away. The collision took place in the afternoon, with no injuries taking place and the road surface remaining undisturbed.


According to CBC News, more than 10,300 Canadian citizens lost their lives to what appear to be opioid-related overdoses over the last three years.

The findings come as a result of a Public Health Agency of Canada study that looked at the time period from January 2016 to September 2018.

Part of the data showed that 3,200 of the deaths took place between January and September of 2018 alone. During this stretch of time, fentanyl has been indicated as a “major driver” in 73 per cent of the accidental apparent opioid-related deaths.


According to CBC News, an agreement has been made between the European Union and British Prime Minister Theresa May to delay the Brexit deadline until Oct. 31.

May, the British Tory leader, looked to set a new date of June 30, but the EU members agreed on the October date.

British lawmakers have rejected May’s Brexit proposals three times, and EU President Donald Tusk urged the U.K. to use the time wisely and come to an agreement.