Algonquin Students' Association Logo. Photo credit: Mingan Wang

There were 13 candidates undergoing a series of interviews for the Board of Directors positions at Algonquin College Students’ Association as of Feb. 7.

Nominations for 2023-2024 Board of Directors election wrapped up at 4 p.m. on Jan. 20. Candidates who satisfied the nomination requirements by collecting no less than 50 endorsements were qualified for the interviews.

The Board of Directors is made up of full-time Algonquin College students who have paid all Students’ Association membership fees. Each November, nominations open to fill the seats on the board for the next academic year. The Board of Directors is responsible for voicing students’ needs and concerns to the Algonquin College administration.

This year’s nomination process started on Nov. 28, 2022. It attracted students who believe they have leadership skills.

Nicky Jaz, who is majoring in practical nursing, said the initial reason that prompted her to run for the position was her aspiration to help others.

“The opportunity was brought to my attention, and I know that Students’ Association does a lot with helping the students and students’ focus, I thought it was something I’d like to improve or help make it easier for the students”, Jaz said.

"I&squot;m thankful for this opportunity, and excited and see where it goes." said Nicky Jaz, who participated in the Board of Directors nominations.
"I'm thankful for this opportunity, and excited and see where it goes." said Nicky Jaz, who participated in the Board of Directors nominations. Photo credit: Mingan Wang

The election attracted the attention of many people, not just potential candidates, but also regular students .

“Who doesn’t want to be a part of the Student’s Association, but I have a busy schedule, I don’t think I can be that dedicated because I know it takes a lot, you have to talk to a lot of students and get their input, do surveys, it’s just a lot of work goes behind it”, said Sadia Ahmed, a student from interactive media design program.

“Back in the summer, the opening hours of the MarketPlace Cafeteria was very short, I wanted longer hours, so I reached out to the Students’ Association, the opening hour got extended later on, so I know they’re doing their job, and I hope the new Board of Directors will keep the good work,” Ahmed added.

The result of the election is far from being revealed, but there are already expectations from different groups.

Residence Service lead Kate Ardidon expressed her willingness to collaborate with the Board of Directors more in the future in terms of events for students.

“I feel like sometimes, maybe there’s a battle between the two in a sense where we have our own programming, and they have their own programming, and I think it would be really smart if we could put both of minds together and create programs in conjunction with the Students’ Association.” said Ardidon.

On March 16, there will be board meeting of directors-elect to accept nominations and call a general election for president and vice-president. The official campaign for presidential and vice-presidential candidates starts on March 17, followed by voting week before the result is revealed on March 31.