Local news

Ottawa Citizen: A board of health in Ontario is asking the province to modify building code ventilation standards.

The chair of the board of health in Peterborough, wrote to Health Minister Sylvia Jones and Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark this month. She urged the province to take quicker action towards ventilation standards for buildings.

“Improvements to the indoor air quality of the spaces we occupy are necessary and life-saving to truly control how the SARS-CoV2 virus and other respiratory/airborne pathogens spread,” said Katherine Wilson.

The board requests six air changes per hour and HEPA filters, which is the same as the high-grade filters used in schools with mechanical ventilation systems during the pandemic.

The board of Health also wrote to the federal government, asking it to further dive into tax breaks and grants that will help organizations and small businesses meet the required standards.


Ottawa Citizen: Two Edmonton officers were killed on duty while responding to a domestic call.

Travis Jordan and Brett Ryan were two Edmonton officers shot inside the Baywood Apartment complex in the Inglewood neighborhood after midnight. These men are the first officers to be killed while on duty in nearly a decade.

The suspect shooter described as a young male who shot himself and died.

“Constables Jordan and Ryan were valued members of our EPS family and they worked side by side with us every day in service to our community, and I can’t tell you how devastated we are with their loss,” said chief Dale McFee.


Ottawa Citizen: A special ceremony to mark May 6, coronation of King Charles, is to be held in Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explains that the ceremony will acknowledge the special relationship that King Charles has had with Canada over the past 50 years as the Prince of Wales.

The ceremony will be held over two days in Ottawa marking its relationship with the new monarch. It will be one of several events celebrated for over two days in Canada.