Gwyn Jones and Bhavya Taneja promoting the new and improved health plan at the Campus Village. Photo credit: Jantina Huizenga

The Students’ Association has improved the health plan after hearing students from all campuses ask for increased support.

The deadline for students to opt out or make changes to the health plan is Friday, Sept. 30.

“Students wanted additional mental health support, more funding and options for contraceptives and access to practitioners,” said Bolu Olutunda, president of the Students’ Association. “The updated plan delivers on all of those areas and more.”

The updated health plan was launched on Sept. 1 for domestic students, with the option for international, part-time and online students to opt in.

The new health plan has increased the maximum of oral contraceptives from $80 to $400 and it now includes non-oral contraceptives such as an IUD or Nuva Ring.

Diabetic supplies have now been added to the new health plan. This includes antidiabetics, biguanide, test strips and reimbursement of up to 80 per cent.

The coverage has changed to 80 per cent for up to $250 per practitioner. This includes naturopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, speech therapists and clinical psychologists.

WeConnect is a new student mental health and wellness program that has also been launched with the health plan. This program is for on-demand, short-term therapy, lifestyle counselling, courses, resources and events to improve mental and physical health.

The annual health plan runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. The Students’ Association offers Algonquin College students health insurance through WeSpeakStudent.