Nicole Hall, Clubs and Communities Coordinator at Algonquin College in Ottawa (located in room E209c). Photo credit: Baylee Clark

Fall is a season for change, and this year students may be thinking about making a change too.

You could start a club or join a club and meet students within the college community. All Algonquin College students can create or join a club. It’s that simple. If you’re an AC student, whether online or on any of the campuses (Perth, Pembroke, or Ottawa) you can too be part of it. Just fill out a form on the Students’ Association website.

Nicole Hall started as the clubs and communities coordinator in July and is looking forward to her new role this school year. “It’s exciting to see students still interested and still engaging, even though it been a challenging year,” Hall said.

Image provided from SA website (for a more professional photo incase)
“The fact that we are able to host some events on campus now for clubs is already a change so, we're already seeing that it's already getting people really excited,” Hall said.
Image provided from SA website Photo credit: Nicole Hall

There are many benefits to being in a club during college, she says. A benefit of clubs at Algonquin College is that they offer students a Co-Curricular Record (CCR). This can help students with their transcripts and resumes after graduation.

If you have an idea for a club, the Students’ Association (SA) has money specifically for stuff such as material, jackets, and even transportation if necessary.

It isn’t always easy to break outside your regular schedule with classes and other priorities, but it doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. It could be an exciting experience that will bring people together over common interests. Student life is about making new friends and being part of the community, especially in college.

Currently, these are the clubs that are available to join; The Music Club, Building Science Club, Tabletop RPG Club, Software Engineering Club, (BIPOC) The Black, Indigenous & People of Colour Student Society Club, Esports and Civil Club.

With over 900 members from the Ottawa campus, the Algonquin College Esports Club has become the largest club at the college. They have gone on to compete in a charity event, sponsoring SuperNova partnered with The CHEO Foundation. During the SuperNova event in 2019, Ari Kamal, the Esports leader won the event that year. Also, this club created the first Esports arcade in Canada.

Kamal joined a group of students along with other club leaders for Clubsfest hosted by Hall virtually via Zoom on Oct. 6.

“Esports is inclusive to everyone,” Kamal said. “Video games bring people together like a family.”

The newest club is the Civil Club that was created by Nicholas Paquette, a second-year construction engineering technician student. Paquette created this club for people who are interested in construction and the different types of trades. This club started while everyone was at home during the pandemic to keep those who are in the construction programs connected.

Celine Kavanaugh, is a level three student who is studying in the same program as Paquette and she is now the second club leader. There are currently 18 members in the group.

If a student wants to create a club, they must have a minimum of 12 students for it to be considered an official club. Once the idea is approved by the SA, there is a pending process and until 12 students are interested.

“I am really hoping to see a bowling club pop-up or a golf club because we have a simulation,” Hall said. “Or a pool table club, a basketball club, we could have a dance club or a yoga club. I just feel like there’s so much opportunity with the (ARC).”

As the Clubs and Community Coordinator, Hall is there to speak with students about any ideas for clubs. “My door is always open for questions you may have about clubs,” she said.

Do not hesitate to see her on campus or send her an email or by phone. Hall’s office number is E209c and the hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. She say students can find her at the Ottawa campus, on the second floor of the E building across from the new bridge that connects to the new sports and recreation facility (ARC).