Local News

Ottawa Citizen: A virus targeting horses has affected a stable in Luskville. The first symptoms appeared at the beginning of the month. Eddie, a five-year-old quarter horse, was the first one to show symptoms. Out of the 20 horses which live in the stable, it has infected 18, and two, including Eddie, have died. This virus is comparable to COVID-19, but as the co-owner said, horses cannot wear masks to protect themselves.

National News

CTV: The Canadian National Vaccine Safety Network is launching a survey to find out about any adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine. Researchers hope to survey over 600,000 Canadians who have received the Health Canada approved vaccine. Participants will be asked to fill out three surveys with the last one being six months after their second dose and detailing any problems they experienced. Researchers will conduct a second survey on 50,000 participants who will not receive the vaccine and compare the data. The goal of this research is to provide assurance that the vaccine is working as expected.

International News

CTV: A U.S airstrike took place in Syria on Friday as a way for the Biden administration to send a message to Tehran. The airstrike targeted one of the most powerful Iran-backed militias in the Middle East known as Kataeb Hezbollah, or the Hezbollah Brigades. The attack sends a message that President Joe Biden will be tough on Iran, while leaving the door open for talks. Another purpose of the attack is to prove the U.S will protect and defend their soldiers in the Middle East. It is unlikely that this attack will trigger a wider escalation.