Garvishtha Arya, a student in interactive media design, waiting for her appointment with Health Services. Photo credit: Alvin Tsang

Students readying to do winter field placements have begun to get their flu shots.

Trina Budd, manager of health services, would like to encourage students to help stop the spread of the flu this winter. They can do this by getting vaccinated before going on their winter internships.

“Up to and including Dec. 4, we have provided 388 flu shots,” Budd said.

The first shipment of vaccines was enough to give 332 flu shots to students and campus staff.

The second shipment of flu vaccines arrived on campus sometime after Nov. 23.

“We still have a limited supply, but we continue to be able to offer the flu vaccine to students and employees approved to be on campus,” Budd said. “We are also definitely able to offer it to students who require it along with their immunizations for program placements.”

Programs that still require students to complete in-person field placements include child and youth care, community and justice services, early childhood education and more.

“We are not expecting a third shipment at this time,” Budd said.

Garvishtha Arya, a student in interactive media design, was standing outside the flu vaccination clinic on Friday, Dec. 11 at around noon.

“I tried to get a flu shot last month, but my program wasn’t eligible,” Arya said. “It’s actually a co-op program, but I guess others need it more than me. I know how it is, and I’m not upset by it. I’m waiting here to do blood test work today. I’m eligible for that.”

The blood work clinic operated across the hallway from the flu vaccination clinic.

The last day for flu shot appointments was Saturday, Dec. 12.

“It’s my understanding that the community flu shot clinics run by Ottawa Public Health are still open and have availability,” Budd said.