Ottawa Citizen: Dr. Brent Moloughney, the deputy medical health officer for Ottawa Public Health, says that they are wary about signs of a rise in transmission of COVID-19 as cases begin to slowly rise. Moloughney says that they are watching the situation closely and advise those who are prone to severe illness to remain cautious amid masking requirements being lifted soon.


CBC: The federal government will abolish the COVID-19 testing requirements for fully vaccinated travellers starting April 1. According to experts, the spread of Omicron has made the practice useless. However, vaccine mandates for travel through air, ship and rail will remain in effect.


National Post: Vladimir Putin has threatened to get rid of Russians who are working against Russia in favour of the United States and its allies, calling them “scum and traitors.” Three weeks into the war with Ukraine, Russia is suffering economically due to international sanctions. Putin stated that Russians living abroad are traitors to the motherland as well.