Tejah-Mae Davis, a public relations student and team lead, is fundraising with her classmates on behalf of the Sexual Assault Support Center of Ottawa. Photo credit: David Rotel

During a launch event held on April 6, 2022, in the Student Commons, students of the public relations program announced their new campaign to raise money for victims of sexual assault.

The organizers are hoping to collect around $10,000 on behalf of the Sexual Assault Support Center of Ottawa. They are optimistic that they may even make more as most of their events have already sold out.

“Tonight we have a paint night, tomorrow we’ve got our gala,” said Tejah-Mae Davis, the team leader of the public relations campaign. “Coming up, we’ve got a ball hockey tournament, a family barbeque, karaoke, and, finally, we have a drag show.”

Over the years, Stephen Heckbert, a public relations professor, has worked with students on 15 different charity campaigns. “We have been changing the way we fundraise,” he said.

They have mostly changed from on-campus fundraisers to off-campus events.

“More than anything, our goal from the beginning has been to raise funds because this is an incredible program that provides an invaluable service, but also to raise awareness of this issue,” said Davis.

The public relations class had discussed various different charities before settling on the Sexual Assault Support Center of Ottawa, due in large part to the fact that several women on Davis’ team have been sexually assaulted.

The SASC offers services such as peer support, individual support, advocacy, workshops, public education on issues facing young women, accompaniment to courts and other services, as well as empowerment groups.