Local News

Ottawa Citizen: A service reduction request for Ottawa’s LRT system has been made by OC Transpo. In exchange for $100,000, there will be a reduced number of trains during morning hour peaks in March and April. Previously 15 train cars have been required for the mornings, but now it will be reduced to 11 for the 2-month period. Due to lower ridership during the pandemic, the Rideau Transit Group will take advantage of the scheduled reduction by performing upgrades and maintenance.

National News

CBC: Canada’s vaccine ramp-up to start this week with a renewed promise from Pfizer. It’s agreed to boost its delivery by an additional 2.8 million additional doses between April and June and add an extra 6.2 million between July and August. Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc confirms Canada is going to see a significant ramp-up in these last weeks of February and into March. The next phase of vaccines will go to those over 80 as well as Indigenous communities.

International News

CBC: Protests and arrests continue across Haiti as ongoing struggle between President Jovenel Moise and opposition rages. Moise has been ruling the country without the nation’s parliament since January 2020 and is backed the US government.