Pre-animation student, Sarah Donohue, as she touches up a sketch. She took up drawing as a hobby after being inspired by her cousin who works in the animation industry.

Algonquin pre-animation program students gathered April 18 to showcase their talent in the student commons.

Jeff Amey, a professor and a program coordinator for the pre-animation program, oversaw the event with pride.

“At the end of the year, they collect all their assignments, sketches and drawings into one book,” said Amey. “They can compare and see how much they improved over one year.”

With big projects like Disney’s The Enchanted Christmas and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs under his belt, Amey worked as an animator for years.

“This event also helps them build their own portfolio,” said Amey. “You can see them with their work in front, and ask questions directly.”

As dozens of curious passers-by took interest at the event, advertising student, Yassine Hindam got interested.

“I saw a lot of original character designs,” said Hindam. “It was really cool to see what their imagination could produce.”

Hindam spent two hours looking at different drawings that pre-animation students have made. “Long time ago I used to draw as well,” said Hindam. “I wasn’t good at it but it was fun.”

Many pre-animation students chose to move up to the animation program after their graduation. Sydney Tinkess is one of them.

“I used to be my worse critic,” said Tinkess. “I compared myself to others instead of focusing on getting better.”

To every student struggling from heavy workload, Tinkess advised, “Live life one day at a time. Keep on keeping on.”