Our election night team hard at work. Co-hosts Robin Payn and Qadeer Popal work with technical producer Eli Pearson and Ty Golden-Duval, production support. Photo credit: John Gifford

For Algonquin College journalism and radio students, the only thing better than lounging around on the first day of fall break is the chance to cover a federal election.

Volunteers from both programs are collaborating to produce a special live election night show on CKDJ 107.9 from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Follow this rolling story to hear from our hosts and reporters in the field share news, student voices and early results from riding headquarters around town.

Mike Athey, results editor .JPG
Photo credit: John Gifford

Algonquin Times and CKDJ 107.9 election team members are warming up for the live show. Test chats with reporters in the field are underway.

Robin Payn, CKDJ election night co-host.JPG
Photo credit: John Gifford

Eli Pearson gets ready for the Algonquin Times/CKDJ election show to go live at 9 p.m.

Eli Pearson is getting ready for the team to go live. .JPG
Eli Pearson Photo credit: John Gifford


Backroom nerd team - editors and researcher at work .JPG
Julie McCann, Brian Sharbin, Danielle Simandl

Behind the scenes, editing and research supports the on-air and reporting team.


Jessica Brando, radio broadcasting professor, shares some analysis on the early results.

Jessica Brando, radio broadcasting professor.JPG
Jessica Brando, radio broadcasting professor Photo credit: John Gifford

Although results continue to roll in, that’s a wrap for us. Algonquin Times will continue with post-election follow up stories in the days and weeks ahead.