Local News

CTV News Ottawa: Steve Kanellakos, the city manager of Ottawa, announced Wednesday morning that the Ottawa police have made the decision to designate specific parking spots for the truckers in the convoy. The parking spot will be located at 1500 Bronson Ave. The police are hoping that this will help with the congestion happening on the residential street due to the trucks.

National News

The Canadian Press: Christine Elliott, the health minister of Ontario announced Wednesday afternoon, that the province has no plan to scale back mandates. Unlike the other provinces such as Alberta, that are removing vaccine mandates, Ontario will still keep in place their mask and vaccine mandates. Although the Ontario government will continue with their plan to ease back restrictions in three weeks intervals.

International News

CBC News: Sweden will no longer be doing wide-scale testing throughout the country. Karin Tegmark Wisell, Sweden’s public health agency chief, told the national broadcast SVT that starting Wednesday wide-scale testing will no longer be available due to the cost overweighing the benefits. Only health-care workers, elderly-care workers and vulnerable citizens will be granted free PCR testing. Rapid testing will be available for the rest of the citizens to buy at local pharmacies. Sweden does have a high vaccination rate of 85 per cent, leaving health officials optimistic towards the future.