Local News

CBC: Ottawa city council has voted to move forward with the $332-million-plan for a new stadium and apartment complex at Lansdowne Park. The weathered north-side stadium stands will be torn down and 1,200 apartment units will be added to the area, but Mayor Jim Watson stated that this is not the final decision. The current plan is to move ahead with stage design and to have public consultations. The vote allows staff to spend up to $8 million for the next stage, which includes finding developers interested in purchasing the rights to build the apartments.

National News

The Globe and Mail: A coroner’s report has found that the BC heat dome in June 2021 is responsible for 619 deaths and says that extreme heat conditions are the leading cause of weather-related deaths in Canada. Most deaths caused by the heat dome last June were people with pre-existing health conditions, were elderly, and living alone with no air conditioning. Jatinder Baidwan, Chief Medical Officer for the BC coroner’s office, says that the province needs to be better prepared for the next inevitable extreme weather event that is likely to occur this summer. The concern is that vulnerable British Columbians are not prepared to handle the extreme heat and might not understand the dangers of heatstroke.

International News

National Post: A German-Armenian man, 29, plowed into pedestrians at a Berlin shopping district, killing one and injuring about 30 people, seven of whom are in critical condition at the hospital. The driver’s car veered onto the sidewalk and wound up crashing into a shop window the next block over. The driver was then surrounded by witnesses, and one witness said the driver showed remorse immediately after committing the act. The man was arrested by an officer that was near the scene. Upon further investigation, medication was discovered in the driver’s home that was associated with paranoid schizophrenia, leading police to believe this was not an act of terrorism.