Vice president human resources, Diane McCutcheon, addresses the voluntary retirement incentive. Sixty-nine members of staff will be retiring by the end of the school year.

Sixty-nine college employees will be retiring this year.

The news was announced by the Vice President of Human Resources Diane McCutcheon at the president’s town hall meeting on Feb.28.

The announcement comes a few months after McCutcheon revealed that the college would be launching a voluntary retirement incentive.

The incentive program launched on Dec. 12, 2018 and closed on Jan. 30.

Out of 269 eligible employees, 69 have decided to take this offer. The 69 employees consist of 20 support staff, 10 administrative staff and 39 academic staff.

“We estimated we would have a good uptake and this number matches what we thought,” said McCutcheon.

When asked why the college offered the incentive, McCutcheon said it would help the college’s financial position and allow for a measure of renewal within the college.

The succession plan for the college is to employ staff that will fill the vacancies based on the recommendations of the hiring managers.

“The college plans to examine all vacancies and fill them with full-time complement,” said McCutcheon.

The retirements would occur from the end of March to June as the college wraps up the academic year.

The college offered this type of incentive in the 1990s.

“Details of the retirement package are between the college and the parties involved,” said McCutcheon.