Mitzie Hunter speaking to students at The Senate Tavern on her policies. Photo credit: May Moore

Mitzie Hunter, MPP for Scarborough-Guildwood, was in Ottawa to speak to students on Nov. 19 at the Senate Tavern about her ideas to help Ontario’s youth as the next Liberal Premier of Ontario.

Hunter is one of the five candidates running to be the leader of the Ontario Liberal party as it attempts to be beat Doug Ford’s Conservatives.

Hunter addressed a few of the top concerns for students during the meet the greet: education, mental health and affordable housing.

“I want to boost our graduation rates to 90 per cent, and I want to make mental health support available to youth under the age of 30,” said Hunter. “I want to create what I call a Take Flight Program, so when people are doing their post-secondary education, they graduate with less debt.”

Hunter says her focus is to strengthen the education system by giving funding back to colleges and universities so students can get the education they need and the province can have skilled people for the future.

“I want to bring back the financial aid that was taken when Ford’s Conservative government cut post-secondary education,” she said.

She also wants to extend the grace period to two years and ensure that the interest rate does not go above the prime rate which will help students after graduation while they are starting off in their careers.

Housing is also a concern for millennials and Hunter wants to ensure housing is affordable and accessible to them.

“I’m also looking at how we realize the dreams for young people,” said Hunter. “I want to make sure that the housing market doesn’t exclude millennials, but we have a housing market where young people can afford to enter the market.”

Hunter is hopeful about rebuilding the Liberal Party and providing strong leadership for Ontario. She has her mind set on taking on Doug Ford and winning.

“I’ve thrown my hat into this race, and I’m all in. I’m in it to win it,” she said.