Jeremy Calorendi, an Algonquin College student, enjoys the sun outside the campus residence on Wednesday afternoon. Photo credit: Mingan Wang

One week after an ice storm, Ottawa is being treated to a mini heat wave that started on Tuesday, with temperatures predicted to reach as high as 28 C on Thursday, breaking the record previously set in 1945.

According to Environment Canada, the summer-like weather in Ottawa is likely to persist until the end of the week, then return to seasonal temperatures next week.

People in the Algonquin College community are already excited about the warm weather after a long and chilly winter.

Dan Mellon, the program coordinator and professor of radio broadcasting, who’s a weather hobbyist, said he looks forward to the warm weather.

“I’ve been really looking forward to it, especially after the crazy weather we had last week with the ice storm, it’s a nice rebound and I just opened my pool yesterday,” said Mellon.

Mellon predicted that the current weather is only temporary. The consistent heat would come in approximately the next four weeks.

The nice weather is also bringing comfort to many who are busy preparing for their final exams.

“This weather is really uplifting for me, especially during a busy period of the academic year like right now, it really helps ease the stress,” said Eunji Jo, an animation student. “I wish this weather could last forever.”

People are getting tempted to go outside and embrace the warmth.

“This weather is something I’ve been looking forward to for so long, although I didn’t expect it would come so soon. I’m really happy about it,” said Aiden Lucea, an architecture student. “I think I’ll go play soccer with my friends this weekend, spend some time to relax before all the exams.”