COVID-19 booster shots now availble at Health Services Photo credit: Myriam Landreville

As the Ontario government has made a big push to encourage all residents of Ontario over the age of 18 to get their COVID-19 vaccine booster shot, Health Services have now made it easier for students and staff to receive one.

Health Services at Algonquin College are offering Pfizer and Moderna booster shots by appointment only. As advised by Ottawa Public Health, Pfizer vaccines are restricted to those between the age of 12 and 29 years old.

As of Feb. 24, Health Services has administered 311 COVID-19 vaccines.

When the Ontario government first announced the opening of booster shots appointments many Ontario residents raced to get one.

The total number of residents with their boosters is 45.8 per cent, according to Ontario Public Health.

But not everyone has felt that sense of urgency.

First-year nursing student, Kaylee Calubana, has not yet received her booster.

“I don’t feel a rush,” she said. “I have a placement at a hospital and they are recommending me to take it but they are not rushing me at all.”

“I was not aware they offered it here,” she said. “I would get it here if I could find an appointment.”

Algonquin College recommends everyone get fully vaccinated.

“Receiving your vaccinations, including boosters, as soon as they are available will help us protect each other and allow the College to continue a gradual return to a vibrant campus life we have been missing,” stated the Algonquin College Risk Management Team in an email.

The college will continue to take their directions from public health officials and the Province of Ontario and continue to require two doses of vaccination for the AC Vaccine Passport.