Local News

Ottawa Citizen: Tamara Lich, one of the principal organizers of the convoy protest has been released on $25,000 bail Monday, March 7. Her release is with strict conditions, including the immediate return to her home in Medicine Hat, Alta., under supervision. This is because Superior Court Justice John Johnston found “errors” in the previous judge’s detainment of Lich, after her lawyer Diane Magas made allegations of judicial bias.

National News

CBC News: Canada has announced new sanctions on Russian individuals in an attempt to increase pressure on Russia’s leadership in wake of the ongoing attack on Ukraine. These sanctions are to be imposed on notable Russian figures in business as well as media personalities and public figures. Known Putin critic and activist Alexei Navalny has suggested some of the names amongst the hundreds noted in the sanctions by Canada. The Liberal government is facing pressure from the Ukrainian government to target controversial Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

International News

BBC News: The war in Ukraine poses a new threat due to soaring food prices, bringing the world’s poorest even closer to starvation. With Russia and Ukraine once named “The breadbasket of Europe” due to its large production numbers and exportation of wheat products across the eastern hemisphere, the ongoing war could greatly impact industry and even double global wheat prices. Many farmers are abandoning their land to fight for their country alongside many other civilians.