Renée Leduc (Employee preparing the food) and Andrew Lay (Owner of the restaurant) Photo credit: Sebastian Pinera

Algonquin College is bringing back Food Truck Tuesday, offering diverse cuisines and a unique culinary experience for everyone on campus.

This weekly event occurs outside of E building, and continues to satisfy students with a delicious variety of food options from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., or as long as supplies last.

“I absolutely love that the college is hosting these type of events, it’s a great opportunity for everyone to explore diverse food options aside from the food of the cafeteria that we are already used to,” said Hannah Toth, a Broadcasting – Television and Streaming Video student.

In early June, the Sula Wok restaurant was the first truck invited to campus. Andrew Lay, owner of the restaurant, shared his perspective on the event.

“It provides students with an opportunity to try something different. It’s not something repetitive; it gives people different options,” said Lay.

“In terms of service, we like to come out to do something different once in a while. We have a restaurant down on Main Street, so most of our business is taking place there, but it’s nice to be here at the college,” said Lay.

“The only issue for us was that we had to pay for parking, which wasn’t really thrilling for us. We thought we would be able to park for free – It’s one extra cost that we didn’t expect.”

Different restaurants will be participating for this event on select Tuesdays. For more information, visit the Instagram page @accampusservices.