The majority of seats were filled half an hour prior to showtime. Photo credit: Meg Wall

Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss performed a witty and dark-humoured solo show to a sold-out crowd at the Algonquin Commons Theatre Sunday night.

With over an hour until showtime, people had already begun to line up outside the theatre, sipping on beers and chattering excitedly about the upcoming show. Inside the doors, the world-renowned and award-winning comic was expected to deliver a brilliant show.

His 12th solo show, Daniel Sloss: Can’t, Sloss contests cancel culture and the notion that comedians “can’t say anything now.”

“It was fricking amazing,” said former Algonquin College music student Katrina Wilcox, who had attended the show with friends.

Sloss began performing comedy as a teenager, determined to make it as a comedian. Now, one of the biggest names in stand-up comedy in the world, Sloss, 32, is well known for his dark humour and controversial subject matter.

Last year, Sloss became a first-time parent with his wife, Kara. The change to fatherhood, he reflected during the show, had slightly impacted his view on his own previous material, but nonetheless continued with his humourous but controversial content.

“[The show] was really good,” says Chris White. “He’s become a more developed comedian.”

White, who used to live in Edinburgh himself, had already seen Sloss perform a number of times, including at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest performance arts festival.

The audience was full of laughter and in high spirits as Sloss ran through his set flawlessly, including with an off-the-cuff remark when a notification went off in the audience.

“It was very fun, actually,” says Catherine Emond, who came from Quebec City to attend the show, “We’re francophone so I would really enjoy watching the show on Netflix with the subtitles again.”

In 2018, his two Netflix specials, “Dark” and “Jigsaw”, were released in 190 countries and 26 languages.

To date, Sloss has performed in 54 countries, created 13 solo tours and is credited for causing over 120,000 breakups and 300 divorces worldwide.

The tour is scheduled to continue this week in Montreal before returning to Europe.