As students applied for a bursary and await for a respond. They get an email saying they've received it and moments later a rejection. Photo credit: Camilla Sola

The financial needs of some students took a hit on March 14, when emails were sent out confirming they had received a bursary — only to be advised hours later the money was denied.

Elissa Said was among many students. With the announcement of her bursary being cancelled, the pre-health sciences student explained that she felt disrespected after giving the false news to her family and friends.

Students seeking financial help applied in December 2018 for the winter 2019 bursary.

On March 15, students were advised to call the registrar’s office to confirm if they will receive a bursary. When they did so, representatives reassured students that it was a glitch in the system.

“I got a bursary and I was happy, but I just got an email saying it got cancelled. I don’t know what I did wrong,” said civil engineering student, Zaid Sadeq.

According to a press release from the college on March 15, the registrar’s office is “investigating to fully understand the chain of events that led to the distribution of the incorrect emails.”

If students received an email stating that they were awarded the bursary, they are expected to receive the amount in the upcoming weeks.

“I need to pay rent. I have four kids and with this money could help me with it,” Jorge Fernandez, computer system student said.

Algonquin President Cheryl Jensen said in an email March 15 that the investigation is currently underway and she’ll “report back to students as soon as we can.”

On that same day, students got an email to officially confirm that they’ll be receiving a bursary.

Within the email, it assures the student that they “have indeed been awarded the Student Assistance Bursary.”

The payments will be mailed to the addresses they have on file for the student.