Many students are returning to the college and will request lockers. Photo credit: Chance Hawthorn

Students who rented lockers for the spring and summer terms have until Oct. 7 to remove all of their items before Algonquin empties them out.

“Normally lockers are emptied at the end of each term in preparation for the coming term locker rentals,” said Roch Lafond, the manager of parking, lockers and card services. “With the campus closure during the winter and spring 2020 terms, many students were unable to access their lockers to obtain their belongings.”

The curbside locker pick-up service was able to confirm that a large number of students did use the curbside pickup, but not all registered locker owners responded. From May to July, around 4,517 students were contacted regarding their lockers, while only 1,995 responded, which is less than half.

“I used the locker pickup service, it was fast and easy, but I almost missed it as I hardly checked my email during the summer,” said Allison Cox, an architect student at Algonquin.

When asked about the current status of the lockers that were already emptied, Lafond said, “Many students did use the Curbside Locker pick-up service in the Spring, vacating lockers for the Fall term – many of which have already been rented in September.”

Even though many lockers have been claimed or cleaned, locker services stated that some occupied lockers from the winter 2020 term will soon be available for students who still want a locker.

Because of the pandemic, lockers are now being cleaned more thoroughly than before.

“Every open locker is given a quick clean every term, and specifically during the summer months, locker services performs a deep clean of all vacant lockers,” Lafond said. “However, given the current circumstances, the deep cleaning process will commence with unoccupied lockers later this month.”