Ahmadipour and Azadian Photo credit: Facebook

Editor’s note: this story has been updated

An Algonquin College student’s wife was on Ukrainian flight PS-752, that crashed in Iran shortly after takeoff Jan. 8, while an issue with his ticket left him behind.

Mohsen Ahmadipour, a first-year energy management student, had planned to fly from Iran to Canada with his wife Roja Azadian, 43. Azadian boarded the flight from Tehran to Canada alone, where she was to reunite with her husband in the nation’s capital for the first time.

Ahmadipour was looking forward to welcoming Azadian in Ottawa. “The way he was talking about his wife, so excited for her to come and join him, he missed her so much,” said Leila Hojabri, 43, a family friend. “He was always talking about Roja.”

When Azadian was able to get on the plane, Ahmadipour stayed behind and called his friend Ahmad Hojabri, who was to pick her up at the airport, since she was new to Ottawa and was alone.

“Take care of her, I’m gonna come in the next available flight,” Ahmadipour said to Hojabri.

The plane crashed in Iran and killed all 176 passengers on board, 63 of them Canadians. “I am trying to manage my mind to handle this situation,” Ahmadipour said. He is surrounded by family in Iran at the moment.

Ahmadipour’s classmates were made aware of the situation on a WhatsApp group conversation according to Felix Elugbaju, a friend and fellow first-year energy management student.

“I was very saddened by the news of the demise of his wife.”

Energy management program coordinator Martin Lee said that the college has activated its mourning protocols and has lowered the flag. “The energy management students have been contacted with offers of counselling and support if needed,” he said in an email. “Professors in the program have been alerted directly and are watching for signs of distress.”