Students and faculty will be accessing the old network until February Photo credit: Douglas Boyle

Algonquin College has partnered with Unit4, a cloud-based software enterprise to provide a new Student Information System, making Algonquin the first post-secondary institution in Ontario to upgrade to the most modern SIS.

This opportunity provides a new Software-as-a-Service network that promises a more personalized and flexible learning experience for students and a faster method of administration for employees.

College president Claude Brulé delivered the announcement that the college would be upgrading on Nov. 30.

“I am pleased to announce that we will be working with Unit4 on this initiative. I have had an opportunity to talk with Mike Ettling, the CEO of Unit4. It gives me great confidence that people are at the forefront of Mike’s thinking and of everything Unit4 does. This aligns so well with our Algonquin College values.” said Brulé.

This software upgrade comes after years of deliberation as the college has been readying itself to transition from the old ways of learning to something more suitable to the 21st century.

The announcement was made at an unveiling event and it included Brulé, senior vice-president Chris Janzen and vice-president of student services Laura Stanbra as speakers.

“We recognize that we need to have technology that will help us achieve our learner-driven goals and meet the evolving needs of the 21st Century learner,” said Stanbra. “This includes the replacement of our current student information system. It has served us well, but just as learner needs change so does technology,”

The upgrade is a major part of the college’s Enterprise Resource Planning strategy as Algonquin College strives to be a global leader in a personalized, digital learning experience. The upgrade includes modernization of the current system in place and new identity and access management.

Janzen believes this project is going to be a net positive for everyone. Calling for all students and faculty to become partners in this project throughout the transition process. Accepting there will be challenges, he delivered an optimistic message to students.

“While change can present some challenges, I give you my commitment to ensuring our transformation journey will be smoothed by a dedication to effective communications, engagement, and training,” said Janzen.

The project is set to begin in February.