CBC: Friday’s rainfall total was reported by the Ottawa airport as the rainiest March 26 in Ottawa’s history – 30.9 mm. As of 11 a.m. March 26, there has been 20 mm of rain, reported by Environment Canada. The last record was in 1953 and was 13.2 mm.


CBC: On March 24, Canadian federal lawmakers voted on a bill calling for a national strategy to address environmental racism where Indigenous, Black, and other minority communities reside. The bill aims to collect data on the impact of constructing a disproportionate number of polluting industries and landfill areas near minority communities, a long-standing problem in Canada.


Global News: On March 22, ten people, including a police officer, were killed in a shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. Officers asked the public to avoid the area. An employee helped the people to escape the building from the back door. The suspected gunman appeared in court Thursday for the first time. His attorney asked for a health assessment “to address his mental illness.” However, his lawyer, Kathryn Herold, was unable to provide details about what condition he might suffer from. The 21-year-old suspect remains in custody without bail. Boulder County District Attorney, Michael Dougherty, said during the hearing that authorities planned to file more charges. At Herold’s request, the suspect’s next hearing will not be scheduled for two to three months, to allow the defense team to evaluate his mental health and evidence collected by investigators.