Tyler Cyr, a first-year radio broadcasting student at the college, editing audio files sporting his Blue Jays jersey with thoughts of attending baseball games this summer. Photo credit: Tyler Major-Mcnicol

After what can be described as a tumultuous college year, students are strapped-in for the final stretch of the 2022 winter term.

Staff and students’ efforts and time have shifted to final assignments and tests, with the thoughts of summer break just ahead, which brings thoughts of hot sun, cold drinks and no studying.

Well, for almost everybody, explained Tyler Cyr, a first-year radio broadcasting student at Algonquin College.

“Us radio students do not have a summer break, we actually have a third semester during the summer, but we will have a three week break before . . . To sort of have the relaxing break, honestly, I just take school out of the picture,” said Cyr.

While Cyr doesn’t get to enjoy a full summer off to himself to unwind, he does use the time he has off to the best of his ability.

“I like to treat summer as a training time for hockey, but it’s all the season of baseball. So, the thoughts of going down to Toronto to see the Jays play has come in and out of my mind. As well as the warm weather; Ottawa is just too cold in the winter,” he said.

Relaxing and resting, are both synonymous with summer and the same sentiment goes for Martin Munoz, a first-year public relations student at the college.

“My best method for total relaxation is a warm day at the beach with a cold beer. That is what I plan to do with my free time during the summer. After such a long winter I just want to go out and enjoy every second of the nice weather,” said Munoz.

While Munoz looks forward to days spent at the beach, he is aware of the debts which come along with the life of a college student.

“First thing I want to do during my summer break is start working full-time. It is a bit hard to pay for everything I owe during the school year because I do not have enough time to work as much as I would like to,” he said.

The final stretch of the term can invoke anxiety for students.

Professors are familiar with stress induced by finals which prompts them to offer advice, according to Dave Eibner, professor in the massage therapy program.

“Keep on keeping on. The last stretch is the time to gear down, not up (of course no one drives manual anymore – so this reference may be lost) don’t spend time on content you know, isolate the content you’re unclear about, organize and prioritize learning it based on how it’s weighted in your summative evaluations,” he said.

Once exams and final assignments switch to the rear-view, vacation planning and relaxation comes to the fore and personal time becomes priority, according to Joseph Ieradi, a police foundations professor.

“Relaxing, spending time at the cottage and fishing,” said Ieradi. “Jumping in the pool on the hottest summer days.” These are the methods Ieradi uses to disconnect from school.