When Zack Fridlyand took his first sip of Abbazia Moscato d’Asti, he was not pleased. “This Moscato is too sweet,” he said.

The sommelier Marie France Champagne had warned him and his dining companions earlier that the Moscato may be too sweet on its own. However, when culinary students served the roasted cocoa gelato, chocolate sponge cake and cherry compote for dessert Fridyland was in for a surprise.

He took Champagne’s advice and paired the Moscato with the dessert. He had a big smile on his face as he finished his second sip. “The tartness of the cherry and the sweetness of the wine work together,” said Fridlyand.

Marie-France Champagne, the coordinator of the sommelier program, organized the Wine Dinner series to introduce people to affordable wine from LCBO and she enlisted the help of the culinary team to create a special food menu.

“I think it’s important to introduce people to different kind of wines,” said Champagne. “I want people to know they can get great wine for under $20.”

The event was sold out and was attended by students, parents and guests from the outside the college community.

For this event there a was curated food menu by the culinary students. The sommelier and hospitality students provided front end and wine service while Champagne created a curated wine menu.

The night started with guests getting to know each other, drinking cocktails and wondering what type of wine would be served.

Next, the attendees were served a four-course meal that was accompanied by a flight of three wines, except for the desert that was served with one wine.

The meals consisted of a salad nicoise, roasted vegetable and goat cheese terrine, roasted veal loins and creamed orzo, roasted cocoa gelato and chocolate sponge.

“I liked the salad best,” said Zack Fridlyand. “The plating was very creative. I enjoyed the crafting of each ingredient.”

After every course, Champagne walked the group through each wine that was served she discussed the acidity, tanning and sugar levels for the wines and also told the group why it paired well with the meal served.

“I really liked how she interacted with every person attending the dinner,” said Shauna Schwab, a sommelier student. “She really educated you, but it wasn’t too suffocating.”