More than simply a place to pick up your textbooks and school supplies, Connections has a wide variety of products on offer, and the staff is ready to welcome you. Photo credit: Andrea Kennedy

While some programs at Algonquin College have on campus activity right now, most will have to wait until later in the year to see people live in a classroom environment.

After waiting for what she said felt like forever, Sam Blaskie, a level one child and youth care program student, is looking forward to stepping foot on campus.

“I am very excited,” Blaskie said. “I like in-person [learning] way more than online. I am really excited to meet everyone, and the garden centre and horticulture garden are something I am really looking forward to visiting.”

Fellow students are ready to welcome you to the Student Commons in E-building.
Fellow students are ready to welcome you to the Student Commons in E-building. Photo credit: Andrea Kennedy

Regardless of whether it is your first time coming to the Woodroffe campus, or if it’s your umpteenth time visiting the campus, there is very likely something new for you to discover.

If music is more your jam, make sure to look for the classic Steinway which is currently in storage in one of the music industry arts music rooms. If getting your hands dirty under the hood of a car is more your speed, the automotive zone in S-building is where the action is at.

When you have some group work to tackle, or if you are just looking for a cool place to hang with your friends, look no further than the ACCE building pods found just over the Woodroffe bridge. But if what you really need is some rest, the school has nap pods in E-building where you can grab a quick snooze.

If staying fit helps you manage your stress, we recommend you take a few laps around the new ARC Discovery Track. If games are what get you going, the new bowling alley might be the thing that strikes your fancy.

Students of the hospitality program do their part to nourish their fellow students on campus by offering a wide array of goods to buy and take home at Savoir Fare . And if a celebratory lunch or dinner is in order, you can get spiffed up at the hair salon.

As the semester goes along, it is important to remember that there are resources on campus to support you. If you need to print your student card is pre-loaded with print credits that you can access at printers in each building. You can also reach out to a student success specialist if you do ever find yourself in need of some guidance and support to reach your academic goals.