Savoir Fare has been serving the college community with everything from brownies and cakes to calzones and cannelloni for more than ten years. Photo credit: Muna Aden

If you were looking for a cake, a calzone or some cannelloni on Algonquin’s Woodroffe campus – among other goodies – students, staff and visitors have known exactly where to go for the last ten-plus years.

Savoir Fare, located in E-building across the hall from the Connections Bookstore, has been the go-to for a variety of different foods and desserts. Students in the culinary, pastry arts and hospitality programs work throughout the year to make sure the food served is fresh and delicious for you to takeaway. Their main mission is to serve the college community affordable food you can’t get anywhere else, with prices ranging anywhere between $5 to $20.

Items you can normally get from Savoir Fare include a variety of bread, cookies, cakes and fresh individual and family meals like lasagna, chilli, mac and cheese and so much more.

“To see a lot of staff I haven’t seen in a while is exciting,” she said. “Just to get a feeling of COVID is over and things are getting back to as normal as normal is going to be.”

Ahmed Elbadri, the student success specialist for the School of Media and Design, visits Savoir Fare often and enjoys the food students at the college are putting their effort into.

“A lot of times it comes out really well and you can kind of tell that, yeah they’re learning, but they still manage to make really amazing things that I can never do,” he said.

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