What do students have to say about their winter activities this year?

Although winters in Ottawa are snowy and cold, for some the season is also a time to enjoy outdoor activities with loved ones and friends. However, COVID-19 restrictions have made this year’s winter activities a little different with maintaining social distance and following certain rules.

On Monday, Feb. 8 and Friday, Feb. 19, Algonquin Times reporters asked students on campus what their favourite winter activities are and what they are missing the most this season.

This is what students had to say.

Emily Lanni-Lucio
Emily Lanni-Lucio Photo credit: Mohit Kumar

Name: Emily Lanni-Lucio

Program: esthetician

Thoughts: “I usually go skating during the season but I didn’t go this year due to restrictions from the government and I wanted to focus on school.”

Mathieu Carriere
Mathieu Carriere Photo credit: Mohit Kumar

Name: Mathieu Carriere

Program: carpentry and renovation techniques

Thoughts: “I simply love winter activities. Sometimes I take my ski-doo for a ride and I enjoy the speed. I also went ice-fishing recently, which is a task full of patience.”

Raghad Alhaddad
Raghad Alhaddad Photo credit: Mohit Kumar

Name: Raghad Alhaddad

Program: computer systems technician

Thoughts: “Honestly, I have never performed any winter activity because my three kids and school work keep me busy, but I do want to learn to skate. It seems hard to keep the balance on the blades but I will try one day.”

Quintan Hunt
Quintan Hunt Photo credit: Mohit Kumar

Name: Quintan Hunt

Program: cabinetmaking and furniture technician

Thoughts: “I love skating — this year has been a little different, but usually I go skating up to three times a week. I also play hockey with my friends.”

Megan Carroll
Megan Carroll Photo credit: Mohit Kumar

Name: Megan Carroll

Program: dental assisting

Thoughts: “Since I live on the countryside, I go skating and snowmobiling a lot. My cousins also have a hockey rink that we use frequently. I also went to the canal last Saturday for skating. One winter activity that I wouldn’t try is snowboarding — seems too dangerous.”

Bihter Buger (L) Kathrine Brassard (R)
Bihter Buger (L) Kathrine Brassard (R) Photo credit: Mohit Kumar

Name: Bihter Buger (L) Kathrine Brassard (R)

Program: baking and pastry arts management

Thoughts (Buger): “I like skiing and skating. I go to the Rideau Canal for skating and some other rings. For skiing, I go to Camp Fortune, but not this year, due to COVID-19.”

Thoughts (Bassard): “I go cross-country skiing with my husband and we both enjoy it a lot. I’m also fond of ice fishing. I may not always be successful in catching a fish but I still like it.”

Mellisa Ross
Mellisa Ross Photo credit: Mohit Kumar

Name: Mellisa Ross

Program: cabinetmaking and furniture technician

Thoughts: “I once went skiing and broke my ankle, that was my first and last time. But I do like to skate.”

Mary Paunat
Mary Paunat Photo credit: Mohit Kumar

Name: Mary Paunat

Program: dental assisting

Thoughts: “I’m not into a lot of winter activities. Tubing is my favourite winter activity, it’s easy and fun. I went to the canal last week and was surprised to see no BeaverTails.”

-With files from Jennifer Suttle