Students of Algonquin College. Photo credit: Sevval Kokten

With the ramp-up of COVID-19 vaccinations in Ontario, post-secondary institutions have announced that they have started planning strategies and safety guides for the return to in-person learning this coming fall semester.

On Friday, May 28, an Algonquin Times reporter asked college students on campus: If you could choose between virtual or in-person learning, what would you prefer? Here is what they had to say:

Jorge Armando Matallana Calderon
Jorge Armando Matallana Calderón Photo credit: Sevval Kokten

Name: Jorge Armando Matallana Calderón

Program: Baking and Pastry Arts Management

“Due to the current COVID-19 situation, it seems difficult to have in-person classes. Nonetheless, I believe it is important for us as humans to interact face-to-face with each other. Also, this improves the learning process with motivation and a better understanding of the lectures. I believe, if it’s safe to do so, it’s a good idea to go back to in-person classes this fall.”

Van Phung
Van Phung Photo credit: Sevval Kokten

Name: Van Phung

Program: Interactive Media Design

“Since my program is related to the internet and technology, learning from home is much better for me. I could also save some time on transportation. I believe online learning gives me greater flexibility.”

Dhruva Shah
Dhruva Shah Photo credit: Sevval Kokten

Name: Dhruva Shah

Program: Business Management and Entrepreneurship

“I prefer to have in-person learning this fall. I believe face-to-face interaction in learning is really important for us students. It allows us to gain a more hands-on experience in our field.”

Samanpreet Singh
Samanpreet Singh Photo credit: Sevval Kokten

Name: Samanpreet Singh

Program: Baking and Pastry Arts Management

“Hands-on experience is necessary for my program. Physical presence is a must for the course. In Baking and Pastry Arts, exposure to ingredients and equipment is essential, and one needs to experience the procedures involved physically. So, unequivocally, I’ll go for in-person learning over studying on-screen.”

Jorge Ochoa
Jorge Ochoa Photo credit: Sevval Kokten

Name: Jorge Ochoa

Program: Culinary Management

“I would choose in-person learning. I do not feel as motivated in taking notes like I used to in online classes; I get distracted easily during my virtual classes. That is why I feel like I would do better in in-person learning.”

Adrianne Farrales
Adrianne Farrales Photo credit: Sevval Kokten

Name: Adrianne Farrales

Program: Hotel & Restaurant Operations Management

“I would go for in-person learning because it’s better for me. I’m not tempted to sleep like when I’m at home. I feel like I could be more productive in general.”