Nicholas Brennan enjoys the comfort of being indoors and the fact that playing his card game Magic allows him to enjoy friends from home. Photo credit: Tyler Major-Mcnicol

For college students, expenses pile up in short order between gas, parking and groceries.

Students are familiar with the increased cost of living and never-ending inflation, but lately prices have been on a steeper climb.

“A moderate inflation rate of two per cent is typically regarded as healthy for the economy,” said Tanmay Bhandari, a financial services in Canadian context student at Algonquin College.

“But COVID-19 and conflicts between Russia and Ukraine have had a significant impact on many industries, such as the availability of food and the rise in oil prices. As a result, the inflation rates have fluctuated over the past few years and are currently above six per cent, while it was above two per cent in 2018.”

Getting out and enjoying downtime can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be according to Jordan Tessier, a graduate of the photography program at Algonquin College.

“There are many things I love to do that don’t cost any money,” said Tessier. “Typically, I enjoy playing basketball at an outdoor court during the warmer months, and during the winter time I enjoy playing hockey at outdoor rinks.”

Doing things to de-stress and have fun doesn’t necessarily mean going outside of the house, as nights in can cut travel costs.

“I enjoy spending my time inside and since I’m technologically savvy I find it easier connecting with friends over the internet,” said Nicholas Brennan, a graduate of the Algonquin College game development program. “I have a few hobbies and things I enjoy doing during my spare time, usually gaming, painting miniatures, and playing trading card games.”

Inflation has caused us all to be more mindful of spending and what we do, and according to Daniela Estupinan, a financial services student in Canadian context at the college, you should take advantage of what is offered at Algonquin.

“Join the Jack Doyle Athletics and Recreation Centre,” said Estupinan. “I am surprised by the number of activities they offer, that you would have to spend a lot on if you had to pay for them off of campus.”

For ideas and an up-to-date schedule of events happening in Ottawa and the area, the events Ottawa tourism page at offers plenty of ideas that are inexpensive.