AC Fitness zone hosts Halloween bench press competition

A deadlift competition will follow on Nov. 28
Photo: Jessica Alberga
Members of the Fitness Zone participated in the Halloween bench press competition on Oct. 31. Awards for top male and female lifter as well as best costume was given out

Super Mario, a pirate and a Hula dancer gathered for some Halloween fun in the Algonquin College Fitness Zone on Oct. 31 to compete in a bench press and costume competition.

The group consisted of eighteen competitors, all of them members of the AC Fitness Zone, who each had three attempts to lift. In three rounds, the competitors had to go up in weight or lift the same amount to move forward.

The winners were determined by the amount of total weight lifted, divided by their body weight.

Pre-workout samples and BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids) were offered for all competitors, as well as endless amounts of Redbull.

Popeyes supplements provided sponsored baskets for both male and female lifters as well as best costume.

Congratulations to the winners:

Male lift – Dwayne Gordon benching 365lbs

Female lift – Julia Fortey benching 70 lbs

Best costume / Sportsmanship – Ian Linton

The Fitness Zone is holding a members-only deadlift competition on Nov. 28. All members interested in participating please register at the Fitness Zone.

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