A screenshot of the Invert app in action.

Lewis Yam was looking for a way to reduce his carbon footprint so he could provide a better future for his children. While browsing LinkedIn, Yam came across an intriguing new platform.

The people at Invert Inc. produced a convenient solution, a mobile application. The app has two main functions: it allows users to track their carbon footprint by asking them questions on a weekly basis to assess their carbon usage and track trends over time, and it allows users to invest in projects around the world that aim to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. These projects are well-sourced and researched allowing users to make informed choices to reduce their carbon footprint.

“I saw that Invert was releasing an app for carbon offsets and to kind of monitor, you know, your own kind of carbon levels,” said Yam.

Yam and his wife, like many Canadians, are worried about the future of their children.

“I think they will see the impacts (of global warming) a bit more than myself and you know being net zero, you know, or kind of living in a net zero opportunity was something that me and my wife are looking to accomplish some time in our life,” he said.

Many people find it difficult to deal with the immensity of climate change. Invert aims to simplify the process.

“They say three of the four people believe in climate change, that’s our first part. Secondly, they believe climate change has a tangible impact on their day-to-day life and they want to do something about it,” said Invert co-CEO Rade Kovacevic.

“But the problem is most of the messaging and news and marketing around the world is in crisis and you know, we are going to burn up as temperatures rise. And while that may be factually accurate, it does not lead to action. It tends to lead to people like, you know, a little clearly want to pull a blanket over their head and hide from the world because that is a scary idea and for us the key was having a meaningful positive impact in the world which in turn drives action.”

Invert CEO Rade Kovacevic
Invert CEO Rade Kovacevic

However, Kovacevic is no developer. His background is in business and the scaling of small companies into large enterprises. He had to enlist the help of developers such as Algonquin College alumni Manuel Duong.

Duong is a graduate of the mobile application design and development program. He credits his post-education success to his professors in the program who “bring and teach the very latest technologies.”

Kovacevic speaks very highly of the Algonquin graduates he employs and the skills they bring to the table.

“You see that graduates of Algonquin College tend to be very practical,” said Kovacevic. “I mean that in the most positive way, so like the ability to have their background in college and then come to the company and make a practical meaningful impact on how we drive the business forward.”

From the idea stage all the way through to the final design of the application, the team at Invert is here for one reason, to make a difference in the world.

“I want people to think that Invert was part of the reason carbon removal projects were financed when this was still a decent cottage industry and that we are now hitting our 2030 goals because of the scale of those carbon group removal projects,” said Kovacevic.

“We view our software as something that will drive employee engagement. And so, I want people to think of Invert as that company, that creative platform that lets the view of sustainability permeate corporate culture get everyone involved and drive culture in corporations to hit their goals truly. And then third is I want to be the platform people think about in terms of, ‘I remember when climate change was overwhelming. I did not know what to do. And that Invert platform was my first step into it’,”