Algonquin College students focus on their creative projects in the DARE MakeSspace. Photo credit: Griffin Waller

Everyone in the Algonquin College community is welcome to put their creative skills to the test this winter with 3D printers, virtual reality and more in Creative Collisions at the DARE MakerSpace.

These drop-in sessions are self-directed for anyone who wishes to use the space regardless of their experience level. There will also be a facilitator-led creative event once a month.

Ryan Kowtecky is one of the technicians helping in the MakerSpace.

“When people come in, if they need help with their projects, or if they have a particular thing they want to learn about in the space, then it’s my job to help them with projects and answer questions,” Kowtecky said.

DARE Makerspace technician Ryan Kowtecky at the computer.
DARE Makerspace technician Ryan Kowtecky at the computer. Photo credit: Griffin Waller

The space includes lots of equipment such as desktop computers, 3D printers, vinyl cutters, virtual reality headsets and more, giving students ample opportunity to express their creativity.

Richard Dunnett, an applied arts and technology student at the college, is one of the people that uses the space to work on projects.

“Through trial and error, I’m mastering how to use the laser cutter. In the future, I might start trying to do some 3D printing as well,” Dunnett said.

Another person using the space is Khyati Garg, an Algonquin College graduate from business management and entrepreneurship, who is volunteering to help people in the space use and understand the equipment.

“Right now I’m using the Cricut, which is used as a vinyl cutter,” Garg said.

The Creative Collisions sessions are between noon and 1 p.m. every Wednesday, starting on Nov. 9 and running until March 15. The sessions are located in the DARE MakerSpace on the second floor of C-Building at the college’s Ottawa campus.