“The most horrifying terrors in the simplest objects.”

I am not Pandora.

I am Pandora’s box.

I stay locked away in doomsday,

that never seems to stop.

I have been set free,

out of the whimsies of curiosity.

On a mission to teach,

the people of my county

cruelty and murder, and treachery.

I am not the innocent,

I’ve always been the plague.

I am the catalyst of evil, and I have never strayed.

I teach children hunger and adults slaves,

I am the reason for your loss and the reason for your praise.

And Yet I am the Needed.

And Yet I am the Hope.

You can’t live without me,

‘Cuz then you’ll never grow.

Linda Ixchel Deslauriers – Linda is the most “fangirly” person you will likely ever meet. She’s a second-year student in Algonquin College’s Professional Writing program. She enjoys hot chocolate, rainy evenings, literature and cinema. If looking for her, you will find her on her bed; enthralled in whatever new addiction she’s developed since.