Editorial Team

Meet your Times Journalism Team!

The Editors

Magan Carty (they/them)- Senior Editor

Twitter handle: @Magan Carty

As an actor and theatre-maker, I have always loved stories. Pivoting this pandemic to study journalism at Algonquin College is the best decision I have made in a long time, and I am thrilled to be serving the Times as Senior Editor this term.

Aadil Naik (he/him)- Managing Editor

Twitter handle: @aadilnaik

I spent the better part of the last five years writing about cars and bikes, and it has led me to believe words have power other mediums do not. To join the journalism program and learn how to finally wield those words skillfully and accurately is the realization of a dream. And I’m just getting started.

Liam Fox (he/him)- Assistant Managing Editor

Twitter handle: @Liamfox880

I am an 18-year-old first-year journalism student at Algonquin College. I enjoy working in a fast-paced and deadline-driven newsroom. I hope to pursue a career in print journalism with interests in topics such as sports, crime, entertainment, technology, and science reporting. I am incredibly excited to be working as a senior editor for the Times this semester.

Rory Friend (he/him)- General Manager/Civic Beat Reporter

Twitter handle: @Rorydoesthenews

I have spent the last seven years taking different programs at different institutions across the province. Journalism is the perfect place for me to apply my knowledge and passion for people. In my future endeavours I aspire to write about and serve the great city of Ottawa in any way I can.

News Team

Alex Campbell

Connor Lalande

Griffin Waller

Kolbe Devaux

Linda Verrault

Nathan Drescher

Stephane Gunner

Alyx Ewing

David Rotel

Jantina Huizenga

Lara Faceroli

Madison Ivan-Feldcamp

Roberto Iraheta

Tyler Beauchesne

Wawina Nzibu

Cameron Ryan

Elio Elia

Jed McAlpine

Leslie Bader

Myriam Landreville

Sophia Adams

Tyler Major McNicol