Tyler Shaw performs in the Algonquin Commons Theatre on Nov. 16. Photo credit: Alyx Ewing

Canadian-born pop artist, Tyler Shaw, took to the stage in the Algonquin Commons Theatre during his North Star Tour to play a sold-out show on Nov. 16.

After a short intermission following the Montreal-born singer Claudia Bouvette’s opening performance, North Star began to play. Everyone waited to see Shaw appear on the stage. As his first line approached, Shaw ran up to the microphone from the right side of the stage, jumping right into the song.

Shortly into the show, Shaw called for his phone and asked the crowd to say, “Hello Everly.” He recorded it to show his daughter, who had fallen ill and could not see the show that night.

“This song is dedicated to everyone who’s here tonight and followed my career,” said Shaw before performing his song, If I Lose Ever You.

During the performance, Shaw invited the audience to sing along. The theatre was filled with people singing, “If I lost you, if I lost you… what would I do? What would I do?”

For the next few songs, the audience was waving their arms, clapping and shining flashlights from their phones.

Shaw went into singing his last song, With You. The audience applauded and cheered loudly as the lights slowly dimmed. Shaw walked off from the right side of the stage as the band continued playing the song.

As the audience continued to cheer and applaud Shaw for his performance, Shaw returned onto the stage from the left side and ran over to his piano to play one last song, Love You Still, a romantic version cover of the song ABCDEFU by Gayle, officially ending the night.

To start the night, the Toronto-born DJ, Devon DLive, played a variety of songs. During his mix of Baby by Justin Bieber and Ludacris, the music was turned down to hear the audience screaming the lyrics to the chorus.

After DLive finished his show, Bouvette, took to the stage to perform her upbeat creations, including G-Girl.

After the audience left the theatre, DLive roamed around the crowd, talking to everyone, taking photos and he brought signed items from Shaw including posters, CDs, t-shirts, a signed residence student card and photos.

With very few people left inside the hallways, Shaw came out to the hallway to say a final goodnight to everyone and to take a few photos. After enjoying a very engaged audience and a very interactive performance, Shaw left for Belleville to perform at the Empire Theatre.