Gitta Petri and Sofia Trinidad celebrate by taking pictures of their cotton candy at the Residence Carnival on Sept. 9. Photo credit: Mingan Wang

The Residence Carnival on Sep. 9 kicked off the new academic year for students living on campus, creating an opportunity for people to connect.

The event featured a henna tattoo stand, a cotton candy cart and several games such as basketball and volleyball.

“I really enjoyed the event,” said Jaeeon Son, an animation student. “Especially the temporary tattoo stand. I already got one and I want to get even more.”

The cotton candy cart was also popular.

“Who wouldn’t want some free cotton candy?” said Thalerni Uththaradevan, a returning resident who is currently in her second year in the medical radiation technology program. “I just got here yesterday from home and I’m so happy to see all the friends I made last year from residence.”

Home to 859 new students and 181 returning students from 39 countries, Algonquin College’s residence is a diverse community consisting of students of various backgrounds, age groups and areas of study.

The residence management team is also excited about the upcoming school year.

“I always look forward to the same thing, seeing the growth and change our residents will experience over the next year,” said William Logan, the residence life manager.

“We provide an environment for students to live with their peers,” Logan added. “Many people meet best friends for life while living in residence. Others will find their life’s passion which will set the course for the rest of their lives. Most, if not all of our residents, will leave a different person in April than they came to us last weekend and seeing that unfold is always moving.”

Logan also promised there would be more events in residence in the future. “If residents have an idea for a program they’d like to see run, they should let us know and we’ll see what we can do.”