On Nov. 19, college students were given a warning after they were caught smoking in a classroom on the Woodroffe campus. Students may smoke cigarettes on campus but must do so 15 metres away from all entrances and exits. There are also smoking shelters in various locations on campus, including those in the courtyard outside of the N building.

Feeling ill

Also on Nov. 19, security attended a student who was feeling ill. The student was transported to a nearby hospital by emergency medical services. Security services faculty at Algonquin are trained and certified with first aid and CPR.

Locker graffiti

Security discovered fresh graffiti on a pair of lockers at Algonquin on Nov. 21, the markings have since been removed. Graffiti or any other form of vandalism is considered a mischief and can warrant a criminal offense with serious consequences.

Property stolen

On Nov. 23, an Algonquin student reported to security that their property had been stolen from an unlocked locker. Students and staff are encouraged to use a strong lock when renting a locker from the college, and to never leave valuables unattended.

Res ruckus

Students living in residence were alarmed when the bells started ringing on Nov. 25. The fire alarms were activated by burning food that had been left unattended.

Multiple noise complaints were also made on Nov. 26 after there were reports of loud music and shouting. The Algonquin residence handbook states that noise levels should be kept contained to a students’ unit. Quiet hours are observed from 11 p.m. till 8 a.m. Sunday through Thursdays, but is extended to 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.