The Algonquin Students’ Association will host an American documentarist best known for his 2004 documentary, Super Size Me on Feb. 10.

Morgan Spurlock is one of the best documentary film makers of his time said Bill Kitchen, events coordinator for the SA. He approached Spurlock to present at the Commons theatre next month because they feel he would have relevant subject matter for students.

Kitchen said the presentation will most likely focus on Spurlock’s creative process from idea to final product, as well as methods he uses to develop his ideas and film. However the specific topics that will be discussed have not been confirmed by Spurlock’s agency.

“We’re always trying to find partnerships so our students can learn from industry leaders,” said Kitchen. “So they can see ‘okay, this is a person who’s actually done this.’”

Kitchen said that the purpose of in bringing presenters, such as Spurlock, is for entertainment but also so that students taking programs in these fields can see that it is possible to be successful. Hopefully it will help students find their own inspiration.

Kitchen said that as a speaker Spurlock is quite dynamic and engaging. Aside from the presentation, which begins at 8 p.m., there is also a one hour seminar for a group of media design students that have been pre-selected to speak to Spurlock before the show. Students were selected for the seminar on the basis of who would benefit most from it.

Tickets for the Spurlock presentation are available at the box office in the Student Commons building. Tickets are $10 for Algonquin students and $20 for non-students.