Every student at Algonquin will have the opportunity to save a life on Nov 21.

 Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is holding a blood donor clinic on campus after having announced in October that their blood levels are critically low.

 “We are expecting increased demand over the holidays and a lull in donations that usually happens at that time of the year,” said Jennifer Heale, territory manager with CBS.

 The holidays tend to lead to less donations due to people spending their free time with their families.

 “Time is such a precious commodity, sometimes it’s easier to open a cheque book than giving your time. But CBS needs blood donations more than money,” said Pamela Mullins, director of donor relations at CBS.

Low blood levels are also due to a lack of donors year-round.

 “Under four per cent of the population donates blood, while over 50 per cent have needed blood or know someone who has. When you donate, you are giving an incredible gift, you are saving lives,” said Mullins.

 Right now the clinic at Algonquin is only booked at 56 per cent of capacity, when all clinics need to hit their targets in anticipation of the holiday season.

 “While we’ve had an increase in donations since our appeal in October, the message we want to get across is that there is a constant need for blood,” said Mullins.

 This constant need stems from the fact that while each donor gives one unit of blood, on average it takes just under five units to treat a patient. Hospitals need over 2000 units of blood every day on average.

 Students can book their appointments for the clinic anytime using the GiveBlood App, by visiting the website at www.blood.ca or by calling 1-888-2-DONATE.