By Jaclyn McRae


With an unbeatable winning streak this season that saw not a single goal scored against them, the Algonquin Thunder women’s soccer team was poised to win.

Hosting Cambrian College’s Golden Shield on Friday, Oct. 24, they didn’t disappoint in the semi-final match with a 5-1 victory.

However, head coach Dominic Oliveri still was none too pleased.

“To be really blunt, I don’t think we played really well today. 5-1 reflects really well on the scoreboard but there’s definitely some things we need to improve upon before the gold medal match tomorrow against Seneca,” said Oliveri.

“It took us a little while to get settled and we started to turn over the ball a lot in the first half for no reason, so against a great team like Seneca we’re going to have to clean that up otherwise they’re going to punish us,” said Oliveri.

Algonquin took possession of the game quickly, scoring a goal within first 15 minutes. They continued to score another four, while Cambrian scored one goal in the second half, the only one against Algonquin all season, near the end of the game.

“Of all the goals to be scored on us, not to take away from Cambrian, but it was a scramble at the back and really our own fault,” said Robin Rushton, assistant coach.

In fact, this season’s OCAA MVP and Thunder player, Chelsea Lanos, contrasts the coaches disappointment with some insight.

“I’m actually really glad that we got scored on. We haven’t been scored on all season, so I think it was definitely bound to happen and it was good it happened today so that if it happens tomorrow we can bounce back,” said Lanos.

Regarding Cambrian’s disappointing performance, head coach Giuseppe Politi said, “I think the pressure of the game got to a few people so hopefully they can use it as a learning experience.”

“I know that we’re playing the number two team in Canada and they showed why,” said Politi.

“Credit goes to Algonquin. They deserve to be there and we wish them the best.”

After winning the semi-finals against Cambrian, Algonquin advances to the OCAA’s women’s soccer championship against Seneca College on Oct. 25.