FIFA is coming to Algonquin on April 2 and students will have a rare opportunity to be directly involved.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy Tour presented by Coca-Cola will be stopping by the college for what is being called a fan experience.

This experience – provided largely due to Algonquin’s partnership with Coca-Cola – will be a once in a lifetime chance for students to get up-close with the world cup trophy.

Attendees will have the opportunity to see and take pictures with it before the tour is continued.

The cup, built from silver, gold and marble and manufactured in Italy will be on display in the ACCE building on the second floor.

Guest appearances may also liven up the day on April 2 according to general manager for the Ottawa venue of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

“We hope to see some national team athletes come through, not only from Canada but bringing in some international team players too,” said Hughes.

The viewing will be held between 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. If you hope to catch a glimpse of the cup, you better get there early.

Besides an appearance from the trophy and possible star guests, the event will feature soccer freestylers, Coke sampling, music and even the World Cup mascot.

Andrea Guzzo, FIFA’s communication manager for Ottawa is sure the occasion will attract a large crowd.

“We’re excited because the trophy generally has a big draw of people that want to see it. We have a very large and extensive community of soccer players,” she said.

And that’s an understatement. The FIFA Women’s World Cup will be one of the largest sporting events Canada has ever hosted and is predicted to bring in a record amount of spectators.

This puts an even bigger spotlight on Algonquin as a host for the trophy tour.

Mara Lowrey, Algonquin’s assistant manager for ancillary marketing, played a large role in the tours organization and promotes its importance for the student body.

“It’s nice to have interactive, fun experiences,” she said. “We could put a poster on the wall or we could bring this experience in and let you interact and create some pre-excitement for the Women’s World Cup.”

Algonquin students can get 30 percent off world cup tickets by entering the promo code FWWC30 when buying them online.